The parliament politician Ove Trellevik visits CCB Energy and the Energy Park

On his visit to western Norway, the parliament politician Ove Trellevik took the opportunity to visit CCB Energy to get a better knowledge on the postive work that is being carried out in the Energy Park.

CCB Energy is pleased to have the parliament politician Ove Trellevik from Høyre as a visitor, during his visit in Øygarden. Here he got to meet our CEO, Ronny Haufe, for an engaging chat about the ongoing work in the Energy Park.

Through the Langskip project, which is the Government's largest climate initiative, the Energy Park plays an important role as a national location for capturing CO2 that will be stored under the seabed. With this starting point,CCB Energy is investing in the establishment of climate-friendly companies locally in The Energy Park – especially companies that can capture CO2 through green industry.

In order for Norway to achieve their climate goals, it is crucial to engage politicians who are the driving force behind new, green industrial establishment and necessary restructuring.

Receiving visits from parliament politicians who show interest in the Energy Park and the establishments planned there is a practical example of positive engagement.  Read also Vestnytt's article on Ove Trellevik's optimism in relation to H2 Production's hydrogen initiative in the Energy Park:  A brighter future with hydrogen initiative at the Energy Park

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