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The world is facing major climate challenges. This also impacts Norway. Through our new establishments, we want to help to be part of future solutions for sustainable development.

About CCB Energy Holding

CCB Energy Holding is a company group with a strategy and vision aimed to combat climate changes. Read more about us, our goal and our business model.

CCB Energy Holding is a collection of companies representing a wide range of activities, products and services within climate-friendly industries. The activities may involve renewable energy, wind power, hydrogen production, solar energy and carbon capture.

It consitutes an important part of our goals to be able to provide facilitation for other companies and suppliers that have relevance to climate-focused industry. We will offer our expertise and resources in active commitment to environmentally responsible establishments.

At the Energy Park we can offer a wide range of services through our companies. This includes property development and management, operation, maintenance, inspection, repair, safety, security, port services, logistics service (distribution, storage, reception and delivery), sales, marketing and keeping the main corporate responsibility for the industrial park.

We want to contribute to a sustainable and climate-positive future.

A facilitator of
sustainable climate solutions

Business idea

CCB Energy Holding will run commercial companies and activities within climate-friendly industry. Through our resources, we will proactively search for opportunities to develop an industrial park with a clear climate profile.

CCB Energy Holding employees

Ronny Haufe

Chief Executive Officer

Erik Børsheim

Chief Financial Officer and Property Manager

Heine Bakke

Chief Project Officer

Atle Dåvøy

Chief Operating Officer

Marita H. Våge

Logistics and Project Planner

Åshild Skurtveit

HSSEQ Manager

Eugen Florin Turcu

Chief Technical Officer

Richard Ougendal

Technical Leader Hydrogen Plant


CCB Energy Holding has an established network with various partners. The company work in close cooperation with the research and education sectors.

Research and education

Energiomstilling Vest

Energiomstilling Vest is a collaboration between leading knowledge providers in Bergen, including UIB, NHH, HVL and NORCE. The aim is to achieve better interaction and collaboration between academia, business and the public sector.


Gexcon is a leading company in the field of safety and risk management company and advanced dispersion, explosion and fire modelling.


NORCE is a research institute focused on innovation within energy, climate, environment and technology. By gathering expertise across disciplines, the department contributes to innovation and restructuring.

University of Bergen

The University of Bergen represents leading expertise in hydrogen, CO2 and marine biology. The faculties' knowledge and experience are of great relevance to new establishments at the Energy Park.

Western Norway University of Applied Science

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) offers education with relevance for climate-friendly establishments. Future projects bring good opportunities for collaboration.

Collaboration partners

Coast Center Base

Coast Center Base is a company with decades of experience and high expertise in a wide range of services associated with logistics, port, rig maintenance, subsea and real estate.

ZEG Power

ZEG Power is a technology company for hydrogen production based on natural gas or biogas. The company has developed a unique technology with integrated capture of CO2 that provides pure hydrogen.

Øygarden municipality

Øygarden is an industrial-friendly municipality that contributes to climate-focused establishments and development. The municipality is a co-owner of the properties within the Energy Park.

Other network partners

Arena Ocean Hyway Cluster

Arena Ocean Hyway Cluster is a national network for maritime hydrogen. The network focuses on hydrogen, aimed at maritime use and technology development.

GCE Ocean Technology

GCE Ocean Technology is an industry-driven initiative within ocean technology. The cluster develops and supports innovative solutions such as marine renewable energy production, marine farming and oil and gas production.

Polyteknisk forening

Polyteknisk Forening is an independent, interdisciplinary and non-commercial network for sustainable technology and social development. The network creates digital and physical dialogue on various topics within technology, society and business.

Directors of CCB Energy Holding

Pål Svenheim

Chairman of the board

John E. Stangeland

Board member

Alf Dahl

Board member

Mari Lie Larsen

Board member

Magnus A. Kjensdal Sande

Board member

Sven Erik Lie

Board member

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