The Energy Park

The Energy Park is located in Øygarden, outside Bergen. Here you will find Norway's best location for the establishment of climate-friendly industries. The area is centrally located along one of Norway's main sea routes.

About the Energy Park

A unique location in an industrial-friendly municipality, along one of the countrie's main sea routes. At the Energy Park we locally create climate solutions.

The Energy park is located in Øygarden, which is an industrial-friendly municipality in Vestland county. The area is about 45 minutes away from Bergen city center. The Energy Park is closely connected to Ågotnes, where the public port of Bergen is to be located.

At the Energy Park you will find establishments working to form the basis of achieving Norway's climate goals through sustainable business areas. The presence of Norway's future CCS plant at the site will allow industrial actors who develop CO2 to deposit this locally at the lowest possible carbon footprint. This will also be Norway's best location for large-scale hydrogen production based on natural gas with integrated capture of CO2.

Through the establishments of CCS and the hydrogen production plant, vast opportunities will emerge. Those in need of depositing CO2 or in demand for H2 or waste heat will benefit greatly by settling in our Energy Park.

Benefits of the Energy Park

Access to natural gas and LNG

At the Energy Park there is access to liquefied natural gas (LNG) as well as natural gas in pipelines.

Valuable industrial enterprises

In Øygarden municipality you will find valuable industry clusters with numerous competent and central companies.

Handling H2, CO2 and waste heat

The Energy Park will comprise production of hydrogen as well as reception, handling and distribution of CO2 and waste heat.

Along the main sea route

The Energy Park is centrally located for sea-road communication. You also have a short distance by sea and along the way to Bergen's future public harbour at Ågotnes.

Industry-friendly municipality

Øygarden municipality is an industrial-friendly municipality with a great focus on creating good solutions and safe workplaces for the future.

Local solutions

Our Energy Park has a unique location with access to raw material sources and maritime distribution. Here one can establish synergy industries as a consequence of existing activities.

Proximity to national CCS facilities

At its dedicated area within the Energy Park, Norhtern Lights will establish a national facility for reception and disposal of CO2.

Adequate distance from residential areas

The Energy Park is well located at an aduequate distance from local residential buildings. Here one can be assured to have long-term safety in industrial establishment.

Synergies from other climate-friendly industries

The Energy Park has a strong focus on establishments that will be important in a holistic value chain and in synergy to other companies that are being established at the site.

Companies in the Energy Park

Aero Service Technology Norway

Aero Service Technology Norway together with Vetco Gray Scandinavia, specialize in testing and repairing gas turbines, type GE LM, for the oil and gas industry. The companies also sell parts, carry out service assignments and provide repairs of equipment to the turbines. Major repairs are carried out at a workshop in Italy.


BKK is a leading energy company and one of the country's largest distributors of electrical energy. The company is represented in the Energy Park with a deployed SHP plant established as a synergy of the local LNG production.

CCB Energy Operation

CCB Energy Operation's main purpose is to operate facilities within climate-friendly industries, including facilities for hydrogen production, CO2 capture and liquefaction, as well as for other relevant areas related to activities at the Energy Park.

CCB Energy Sales

CCB Energy Sales is the hub related to the market demand for H2, CO2, waste heat and other relevant products and services in the Energy Park. The company also provides logistics and distribution services at the Energy Park.

CCB Kollsnes

CCB Kollsnes is one of the property owners of the Energy Park and is co-responsible for infrastructure management and development in the park. Øygarden municipality is co-owner of the company.


Gasnor is a leading Norwegian gas company producing, distributing and selling liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas in pipelines. Gasnor also actively produces and deliveres biogas. To offer clients even more renewable gas, the company is working to establish a value chain based on hydrogen.

H2 Production

H2 Production is to serve as the hydrogen producer of the Energy Park. The company will ensure a comprehensive value chain for hydrogen in collaboration with the group's operations and sales companies.

Mowi dep. Øygarden

Mowi runs production of cleansing fish at the Energy Park. Starting in 2009, the plant is the world's first, and to date also the world's largest commercial breeding of ballan wrasse. The ballan wrasse cohabits with salmon and grazes on its sea-lice. The plant uses excess hot water from the area.

Naturgassparken Vest

Naturgassparken Vest is one of the property owners of the Energy Park and represents infrastructure management and development in the park. Øygarden municipality is co-owner of the company.

Northern Lights

Norhtern Lights owns the national CCS facility that is being established for reception and disposal of CO2 at the Energy Park. The plant is a major part of Norway's largest climate initiative under the project name "Langskip". Northern Lights is a project in collaboration between Equinor, Shell and Total.

ZEG Power

ZEG Power is a technology company with a patented solution for producing hydrogen from natural gas or biogas. The technology is unique for its integrated capture of CO2 which results in pure hydrogen. The company collaborates with SLB, Nysnø, Ife, Sparx, AP Ventures, Stratel, and CO2 Management.

Øygarden kommune

Øygarden Municipality is the co-owner of the Energy Park. The municipality operates a warehouse established on the site, as well as a local fire station for the northern part of Øygarden.

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