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For you who want to take an active part of a sustainable future.

In Øygarden, outside Bergen, CCB Energy Holding offers a climate-focused industrial park.

Activities related to the Energy Park include climate-neutral hydrogen production, marine farming and reception, disposal and storage of CO2.

The site offers availability of resources such as natural gas in pipelines, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and waste heat.

Why CCB Energy Holding?

Proactive first mover

As a proactive player and property owner,
we offer services to support companies establishing in the Energy Park. Synergy products like H2 or CO2 can be handled, distributed or utilized in our value chain.


Our owners have a long track record as industrial incubators at several locations.
We act as a link between individual companies and local authorities. Through the development of our climated focused industrial park we are committed to creating a holistic value chain.


We continously work to expand our well-developed network of suppliers, institutions, academic environments and collaborators. With a high service focus, we aim to accommodate our customers with operational assistance and a solution-oriented approach.

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We will have a leading position within climate solutions at Norway's best location for industries of clear environmentally friendly profiles.

We can help you with

Property development and management

As property owners, we stribe to achieve a comprehensive development of the industrial park. A complementary composition is important. We offer infrastructure management with a solution-oriented approach.

Security and safety

We will continously expand our experience within safety and security for industrial facilities and infrastructure. Our work is carried out in close cooperation with relevant authorities.

Operation services

We can offer different types of operating models from providing complete operational management of facilities to providing single operational services.

Port and logistic services

Our owners have been involved in port and logistics activities for more than 45 years. This provides us with a unique competence in offering all services within logistics and distribution.

Inspection, repair and maintenance

Through our own experience and capacity, as well as our network's, we can offer a wide range of different services within maintenance, inspection and repair.

Sales and marketing

As a proactive player and property owner, we offer services to support the companies that establish themselves in the Energy Park. Synergy products like H2 or CO2 can be handled, distributed or utilized in our value chain.

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The Energy Park

Øygarden is Norway's best location for establishing climate-friendly industry. The area is centrally located along one of Norway's main sea routes.

The Energy park is located in Øygarden, an industrial-friendly municipality in Vestland county. The area is about 45 minutes away from Bergen city center and is closely connected to Ågotnes, where the public port of Bergen is to be located.

At the Energy Park you will find establishments working to form the basis of achieving Norway's climate goals through sustainable business areas. The presence of Norway's future CCS plant at the site will allow industrial actors who develop CO2 to deposit this locally at the lowest possible carbon footprint. This will also be Norway's best location for large-scale hydrogen production based on natural gas with integrated capture of CO2.

Through the establishments of CCS and the hydrogen production plant, vast opportunities will emerge. Those in need of depositing CO2 or in demand for H2 or waste heat will benefit greatly by settling in our Energy Park.

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CCB Energy Holding

CCB Energy Holding is a newly formed group consisting of several companies with different roles within climate-positive activities. Here you will find an overview of some of our subsidiaries and partners.

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