CCB Energy and Northern Lights: Collaboration on CO₂ management in Øygarden

CCB Energy Holding and Northern Lights JV will facilitate the development of a CO₂ value chain for local and regional industry in Øygarden, including handling and processing of CO₂ deliveries to the Northern Lights receiving terminal.

Press release, 22nd of April 2022

CCB Energy is working to build a green industrial park next to the Northern Lights CO₂ receiving terminal at the Energy Park in Øygarden municipality. The companies have now entered into a co-operation agreement to facilitate the development of infrastructure for handling and processing of local CO₂ deliveries. This ensures that the CO₂ will meet predefined specifications.

Ronny Haufe, Managing Director of CCB Energy, said: “This is significant from both a regional and national perspective. Through the collaboration with Northern Lights, we will facilitate for handling and delivery of captured CO₂  where shipping is not considered an option. This agreement is an important starting point for corporations with the ambition to establish zero emission industrial production with CO₂ capture locally at the Energy Park, and for regional industrial emitters which will need access to a tailored solution for CO₂ disposal.”

Børre Jacobsen, Managing Director of Northern Lights said: “Northern Lights will store CO₂ from industrial emitters in Norway and Europe. We also hope to receive volumes from regional emitters, industrial facilities established close to our terminal in Øygarden, including possibly direct air capture facilities. This is a cost-effective and good solution for all involved. CCB Energy has an important role as facilitator, and we are excited about this collaboration.”

Mayor of Øygarden municipality, Tom Georg Indrevik said: “I am pleased that the focus is on facilitating local development. This work will be important for the future industry in Øygarden municipality and is aligned with regional ambitions.”

For more information, please contact:

CCB Energy:                    Ronny Haufe,, tlf: 913 50 660

NorthernLights:               Kim Bye Bruun,, tlf: 469 20 136

About Northern Lights

Northern Lights is developing an open and flexible infrastructure to transport CO₂ from industrial emitters by ship to a receiving terminal in western Norway for intermediate storage, before being transported by pipeline for permanent storage in a geological reservoir 2,600 metres under the seabed. Operations are scheduled to start in 2024. The facilities are under construction and will enable Northern Lights to offer a safe and reliable shipping and storage service to industrial emitters from across Europe. With increased interest from industrial sectors in Europe, additional shipping and storage capacity will be developed as demand grows. Northern Lights JV DA is a registered, incorporated General Partnership with Shared Liability (DA) owned equally by Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies.  

About CCB Energy

CCB Energy owns and manages significant land in the Energy Park, together with Øygarden municipality. The goal is to establish new, future-oriented industries that through circular value chains can create sustainable solutions for the future, while creating and preserving jobs. Relevant industries include hydrogen production, CO₂ capture plants, bio-industries and industries that can make use of CO₂. The company is owned with equal ownership interests by Bernh Larsen Holding and NorSea Group.

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