Work progress of the Energy Park

The construction work of the CO2 capture facility in the Energy Park is progressing rapidly. This will be the world's first facility for capturing CO2 from various sources of permanent sub-storage.

In November 2020, effort was initiated to establish what will be Norway's first CO2 storage facility. Since mid-January 2021, there has been full activity daily with blasting, filling rocks into the sea and preparing the location. In 2022, the work consists mostly of building and facilitating a new quay, pipeline tunnel for exports, storage tanks, pipeline streets and new administration buildings.

The work done day-by-day can be seen in a timelapse video from Northern Lights' location in the Energy Park at the following link: Progress day-by-day

Read also Vest Næringsråd’s article on the progress of the work here: The change in the Energy Park

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