Starting the first factory with new CO₂ capturing technology

ZEG Power has entered into an agreement with H2 Productions to establish the first Norwegian hydrogen factory with integrated CO₂ capture. The vision is that the hydrogen production will last as long as the Norwegian oil adventure.

The establishment of the first Norwegian freestanding hydrogen facility will take place at the Energy Park by the company H2 Production. The hydrogen will be so called blue hydrogen, produced from natural gas with an integrated purifying technology that captures the CO₂ and significantly reduces the emissions. The Norwegian technology company, Zeg Power, has signed an agreement with H2 Production for delivering the hydrogen facility.

The hydrogen production at the Energy Park is expected to represent an important contribution in reducing emission as well as prolonging value creation related to Norway's gas resources. The ambition is to be achieve competativity towards both green and blue hydrogen, as well as fossil fuels.

To visit the article published at Dagens Næringsliv on the subject, follow the link:

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