Major investments in clean hydrogen production with carbon capture

ZEG Power and CCB have agreed to initiate a collaboration to investigate common opportunities related to large-scale hydrogen production of Norwegian gas at Kollsnes. It will take place with cutting-edge Norwegian technology with built-in carbon capture, right next to Northern Lights' planned CO2 reception plant.

Press release

Bergen 19th of September 2019

-The collaboration with CCB will unlock the real potential of the ZEG technology. We see this as a "fast track" to full-scale H2 facilities, which in combination with carbon storage will enable the utilization of natural gas in a clean way. This will lead to significant CO2 reduction, which is a climate action that makes a notable a difference," says head of ZEG Power, Kathrine K. Ryengen. ZEG-H2 is a Norwegian-developed technology originating from the Department of Energy Technology (IFE), which enables compact, cost-effective reform of carbon-containing gas to hydrogen with integrated CO2 capture. The cooperation with CCB on an establishment at Kollsnes is of a special strategic nature, because Norway's national CCS facility will be established precisely at CCB Kollsnes.

Captured CO2 as an integral part of H2 production from a ZEG-H2 facility can be efficiently stored. This represents a giant leap forward for cost-effective, large-scale production of pure hydrogen. "We are pleased to launch this exciting project with ZEG Power. We see clear synergies between the rollout of the ZEG-H2 facilities and the ongoing plan of establishing large-scale carbon storage at CCB Kollsnes: the Northern Lights CCS project," says Øyvind A Langedal, CEO of CCB. -The conversion of natural gas into pure hydrogen is a significant industrial opportunity. As a company, we envision further participation and establishments where we ensure a comprehensive value chain of hydrogen production with carbon capture, reception, storage and return handling. This is also consistent with CCB's strategy to help reduce greenhouse emissions. CCB as a company and with its resources is actively working to facilitate such measures and establishments. The company's history and interest in contributing socially is also important in such context," concludes Langedal. The two companies have signed a letter of intent on the project and will return with more details at a later date.

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