New industries and jobs for the future in the Energy Park

CCB Energy works with establishments in the Energy Park to create new, safe workplaces within forward-looking industries that focus on improving the climate. Perhaps this will be the start of a new Norwegian industrial adventure?

Industrial adventure

At the end of the 60s, an industrial adventure began in Norway, when oil was discovered on the Norwegian continental shelf. For the municipality of Øygarden, this has led to enormous development in industry, technology and expertise. Today, the petroleum industry is well established, but global climate challenges, as well as decreasing resource volumes, are both reasons that require a change in industrial direction in the coming years.

Green transition

In the Energy Park, in the northern part of Øygarden, CCB Energy works purposefully to facilitate new and forward-looking industries that can contribute to solving the climate challenges we face. Ronny Haufe, managing director of CCB Energy, has great ambitions for the area: "We strive to create an area that will be a transition arena for the oil and gas industry in the municipality, which needs to find new industrial opportunities. The industry around us has a high level of knowledge and ability to solve new challenges, which provides the best basis for restructuring. The resources here are beneficial for faster development, which also benefits the climate."

Attractive workplaces

The ongoing establishments and the plans for further industrial development are attracting interest from all over the country - and even internationally. CCB Energy has already noticed great interest among jobseekers who are interested in working for companies with a clear green profile. "We have searched for personnel ourselves and experienced a very positive mass of applicants for - at this time - few jobs," says Ronny. "The most gratifying thing has been to observe that many are young people who have moved away partly because they have missed job content and workplaces that motivate them. We believe that the Energy Park will be able to help retain and relocate jobs - but also get emigrants to come back home."


- In Energiparken, 1,3 mill. m2 are owned by CCB Energy together with Øygarden municipality

- Northern Lights establishes the world's first open facility for underwater CO2 storage

- H2 Production will produce hydrogen from natural gas with capture of CO2

- CCB Energy is owned by Bernh Larsen Holding and Norsea Industrial Holding

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Published as an advertisement in Vestnytt 19.04.2024

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