Piloting the CCS climate technology in Øygarden

CO2 management has been in use on the Norwegian continental shelf for more than 25 years, but now there are plans to store both Norwegian and European CO2 emissions under the seabed off Øygarden.

2nd of July 2020

Polyteknisk Forening presents a podcast directly from Øygarden that covers the events related to the establishment of a CCS facility.

Listen to the conversation between:

  • Tom Georg Indrevik, Mayor of Øygarden
  • Ronny Haufe, CEO of CCB Energy Holding
  • Geir Grøttveit, Driftsleder i Northern Lights prosjektet for Equinor
  • Mette Vågnes Eriksen, Generalsekretær i Polyteknisk Forening

In this episode you'll get view of how industry and government work together in Øygarden and Vestland county to put in place facilities and activities for CO2 management. You will hear about the practical possibilities for establishing CO2 transport and storage based in Øygarden, aiming to also serve the European market. Participants share the future prospects for both CO2 management and hydrogen production, and are optimistic about the advancement of competence in the labour market and of opportunities for exporting solutions related to this climate technology.

Listen to polypod here: https://player.acast.com/polypod/episodes/polypod-pilotering-av-klimateknologien-ccs-i-ygarden

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