Cornerstone laying in the Energy Park - where captured CO₂ will be stored

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, visited the Energy Park to take part in the cornerstone laying ceremony of Northern Lights. The plant establishment for reception and storage of CO₂ plays an important role in the major Norwegian, climate investment, Longship.

Photo: Tor Høvik

Wednesday 26th of May, the Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, took part in the cornerstone laying ceremony for Northern Lights' adminstrative building. The visit marked the beginning of the project for establishing a carbon storage facility based in Øygarden.

The facility establishment plays an important part of the governments major project, Longship, which is the largest climate investment in Norwegian industrial history. The project comprises carbon capture and storage (CCS) in full scale. The facility in the Energy Park will be receiving CO2 from various industries and locations. At this location the greenhouse gas emission will be pumped out to reservoirs underneath the seabed for permanent storage in the North Sea.

"Carbon capture and storage is an important piece in the work of reducing the emissions. And to lay down the cornerstone here today is an important milestone in the work that has been started" said the Prime Miniester during the ceremony on Wednesday. " Through Longship we are at the forefront of developing carbon capture and storage in Norway. The project will contribute to reaching the global climate targets, and at the same time create work places and industry in Norway.

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