Establishing a direct air capture plant

At the Energy Park, CO2 will be captured directly from the atmosphere with a new large scale direct air capture facility that will be established. Carbon Removal and CCB Energy have entered into an agreement to establish the plant that will capture half a million tons annually.

Press release, September 9th 2023

At the Energy Park in Øygarden, CCB Energy is today entering into an agreement with Carbon Removal to establish a large-scale facility for capturing CO2 directly from the air. Øygarden municipality, together with CCB Energy, is the landowner of the land.

The capture facility that Carbon Removal will establish will be the first large-scale facility in Norway. Once established, the facility will be among the largest of its kind in the world.  

The plant, which is often referred to as a direct air capture or DAC plant, will have the capacity to capture 500,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. The ambition is for the carbon to be delivered to the Northern Lights JV for transportation in pipelines and injection into subsea reservoirs for permanent storage. It brings CO2 from the atmosphere back where it came from.  

"In Øygarden municipality we are incredibly proud to be able to be a pioneer municipality for the establishment of green industry," says Mayor of Øygarden municipality, Tom Georg Indrevik.  "Capturing CO2 produces negative carbon emissions, and this will play an important role, not only in regional and national but also in an international context."

Ronny Haufe, CEO of CCB Energy says: "For CCB Energy, this is yet another milestone in our work at the Energy Park, where we continuously work to achieve the establishment of climate-friendly, sustainable and carbon-reducing industries. Establishments of this type will be important in the fight for the climate, but also to provide restructuring to new, future-oriented jobs locally in Øygarden."  

Eirik Lilledahl, CEO of Carbon Removal, says: "We are very pleased with the good cooperation with CCB Energy and Øygarden municipality to establish a large-scale facility for direct capture from air in the Energy Park. The Energy Park is uniquely well suited for such a facility, especially thanks to Northern Lights' CO2 storage infrastructure, a well-established supplier industry and strong long-term drive for new green industry."

For more information please contact:

CCB Energy: Ronny Haufe,, tel.: 913 50 660

Carbon Removal: Eirik Lilledahl,, tel.: 920 50 372

About CCB Energy

CCB Energy owns and manages significant land areas in the Energy Park together with Øygarden municipality. Here, the goal is to establish new, future-oriented industries that through circular value chains can create sustainable solutions for the future, while creating and preserving jobs. Relevant industries include hydrogen production, CO2 capture plants, bioindustries and industries that can make use of CO2. The company is owned with equal ownership interests by Bernh Larsen Holding and NorSea Group.  

About Carbon Removal

Carbon Removal is developing large-scale facilities to capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere so that it can be permanently stored and thus result in negative carbon emissions. The company is focusing on the flagship project at Kollsnes in Øygarden municipality, which will capture 500,000 tonnes annually for permanent storage. Carbon Removal is partnering with Canadian-based Carbon Engineering for the use of their capture technology.

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