Norway's first industrial hydrogen plant with integrated CO2 capture

H2 Production AS, a subsidiary to CCB Energy Holding AS, has signed a contract with ZEG Power AS for the purchase of a hydrogen production plant. The plant will be the first of its kind, producing hydrogen based on natural gas with integrated CO2 capture.

Press release, April 27th 2021

Today, H2 Production has entered into an agreement with ZEG for the purchase of the first industrial plant for the production of hydrogen from natural gas with integrated CO2 capture. The plant will use the Norwegian technology of ZEG, which enables emission-free production of hydrogen from natural gas.

- We are pleased to enter into this strategically important agreement with ZEG. Climate-neutral hydrogen production from natural gas will be an important contribution in replacing fossil fuels, and our ambition is to become a key player within this segment. With this plant from ZEG, we will be the first to offer climate-friendly hydrogen from gas to the market. The plan is then to further scale up the technology.  By enabling use of natural gas in a sustainable manner, the ZEG technology has the potential to be an important contributor to achieve Norway´s climate goals, says CEO of H2 Production, Ronny Haufe.

- This is a big day for us. We are very pleased to have signed a contract for the sale of the first industrial ZEG plant to H2 Production. ZEG is primarily a technology and equipment provider, so entering into the first commercial contract for plant delivery is an important milestone for the company. We are also very pleased to be able to collaborate with CCB Energy Holding and H2 Production in the realization of the plant, as part of our joint project supported by Enova, says CEO of ZEG, Arild Selvig.

Major investments in hydrogen are being made worldwide, especially in relation to the European market. The demand for hydrogen globally will increase dramatically and we believe that hydrogen production from natural gas (gas reforming) combined with CO2 capture and storage will be the most cost-effective alternative with the lowest CO2 footprint, Selvig continues.

H2 Production is buying the hydrogen plant from ZEG and will be the owner and operator of the plant when it is completed at the CCB Energy Park in 2022. Kollsnes in Øygarden has a significant history of gas industry. With the establishment of the joint venture company Northern Lights and the government´s Longship project, the site will become Norway's epicenter for hydrogen production and other climate-friendly establishments, says Haufe.

- ZEG offers climate friendly solutions utilizing Norway's already existing natural advantages and resources. ZEG's unique and patented Norwegian technology has been developed over 20 years. IFE at Kjeller is the technological hub that initiated the technology development. This is the same hub that built and operated one of the world's first nuclear reactors, revolutionized the offshore industry, and made it possible to trade electricity on the stock exchange. The ZEG technology enables the use of natural gas as climate-friendly hydrogen. Hydrogen and carbon capture and storage are solutions the world needs now. The technology can help Norway to achieve its climate goals and further develop the Norwegian industrial adventure. This may contribute to the Norwegian economical and climate friendly transition. The Norwegian endeavor to develop world leading carbon capture technology is now actually taking place at the Energy Park in Øygarden. The Norwegian petroleum adventure is more than 50 years old, and we believe that the Norwegian hydrogen adventure might last just as long, Selvig concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Ronny Haufe, CEO ofH2 Production, +47 913 50 660

Arild Selvig, CEO of ZEG Power, +47 915 61 935

About H2 production

H2 Production AS is part of the group, CCB Energy Holding AS (CCBEH). CCBEH was established by Bernh. Larsen Holding and Norsea Group for the purpose of climate-friendly industrial development.

H2 Production aims to develop large scale production of hydrogen with integrated CO2 capture. The facility will be established at the Energy Park in Øygarden, with estimated start-up for producing compressed H2 in 2023. Furthermore, the company plans to produce liquified H2 as well as ammonia. 


About ZEG Power

ZEG Power is a Norwegian company that aims to offer the world a green alternative of energy production. ZEG Power supplies technology and equipment for emission-free production of hydrogen and electricity from hydrocarbon gases.

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